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Lynn Gehl v. Canada: Unstated Paternity and Indian Status

Lynn Gehl (Google images)
Lynn Gehl v. Canada: Unstated Paternity and Indian Status
Dr. Lynn Gehl is a First Nations woman who is grounded in the traditional Indigenous knowledge of her Algonquin Anishinaabe culture and tradition. Gehl’s family originates from the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan (formerly Golden Lake Band) in Ontario. Yet, despite her connection to her culture, her Algonquin upbringing, and her ancestral ties to her First Nation, Gehl is denied legal recognition as an “Indian” by the federal government. But just like Mary Two-Axe Early, Jeanette Corbiere-Lavell, Yvonne Bédard, Sandra Lovelace and Sharon McIvor before her, Gehl is not taking no for an answer. After more than twenty years of applications, protests and appeals, Gehl is headed to court.

Mary, Jeannette, Yvonne, Sandra, Sharon ( and Google Images)
Mary Two-Axe was a well-known advocate who challenged Canada's discriminatory Indian Act which took Indian status away from Indian women if they marri…