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Canada's Blood Quantum Formula for Assimilation

This blog provides another excerpt from my doctoral thesis that I am currently converting into a book for publication. This section deals with the second generation cut-off rule in the Indian Act, 1985 that was not specifically challenged by Sharon McIvor in her court case. To my mind, the descent provisions in the Act are essentially blood quantum formulas that perpetuate colonial, racist ideologies about what it meant to be a "real" Indian. Ongoing racist ideologies about the identities of Aboriginal peoples is the underlying problem with the Act and federal policies with regards to Aboriginal peoples. If we do not acknowledge and address that issue, equitable solutions will not be possible. The McIvor decision on appeal is a prime example of how embedded such racist ideology actually is in all levels of our society. Here is the excerpt: If we are ever to convince the courts to address this fundamental problem in federal policy, and even within their own jurisprudential log