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Bill C-3: Senate Considerations More About Blood "Purity" and "Benefits" than Equality

This blog will serve as an update as to the current status of Bill C-3 - Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act. It will also serve to highlight the disturbing considerations that are being made by Senators and the Minister of INAC in passing this bill. Here is the quick and dirty of the Bill's treatment to date: (1) Bill C-3 passed first and second reading in the House; (2) It was studied by the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development ( AAON ) where numerous Aboriginal witnesses testified that it did not address all gender discrimination or even that found in McIvor's case; (3) I appeared as a witness and gave oral and written testimony against the Bill; (4) The AAON voted on amendments to make the Bill more inclusive (at this point the Liberals, NDP and Bloc were all supporting the Aboriginal witnesses); (5) These amendments were ruled out of scope; (6) The House passed a new amendment to include back in the bill, section 9 which tries to insul