Bullies Really Are Cowards: Harper's Conservatives Hide from Citizens

Is it just me or do I see a pattern here? I mean, there was no end of criticism for the Harper autocracy BEFORE he was booted from Parliament, but now that he is trying to win an election and asking Canadians to give him a majority government, I am shocked at how little attention he is giving to Canadian citizens. More than that, it is almost ridiculous how he and his party literally run  in the other direction when faced with the prospect of having to meet with or talk to Canadian citizens.

Their collective fear of debate and their muzzling of conservative candidates leads one to conclude that it is better to muzzle a red-neck than risk what they might say in public. I guess that is part of the problem in having a party of crooks, red-necks and bullies.

Let's just look at the English leadership debate, if you can call it that. Harper was his usual robotic self, with his frozen half smile, and eerily calm, non-passionate demeanor. He refused to engage in any debate and instead repeated his mantra - the economy is good - bickering is bad - Quebec is scary - please give us a majority. I mean, I have never seen anything more empty in my life. What does any of that offer Canadians or First Nations? He had about as much passion as a piece of deadwood.


Even if I could possibly look past that non-debate, then there would still be all the lies, deceit, and scandals that has mired Harper and his elite Cabinet group. My other blog detailed just a few of those which included the Helena Geurgis, Bev Oda, Pierre Poilievre, John Duncan, and others like Patrick Brazeau:


Most recently, the Bruce Carson scandal (which APTN broke) reveals more disturbing details every day.


While Harper made an attempt to distance himself from Carson, his young escort girlfriend and the mounds of money that would have been made off the backs of impoverished First Nations, Harper was far closer to the pair than he wanted to admit:


Even one of Harper's Cabinet Ministers hired the former-escort over other allegedly more qualified individuals:


The Harper's Conservatives trying to call for accountability in First Nations while his own party engages in all sorts of seedy dealings is the height of hypocrisy:


Then there are all those groups and organizations that have been on Harper's hit list (speaking metaphorically). Rabble.ca provided some information about who was targeted during the Harper autocratic regime:


Even if you were lucky enough not to be on this list, you have to keep in mind that First Nations have always been on their list and Harper's conservatives were likely the most paternalistic, racist and dominating government that First Nations have had to deal with in recent years.

Harper is known in the media and amongst many in society as a bully. He controls his Cabinet, muzzles his MPs, restricts access to the media, has tight controls on public information and does not engage with Canadian citizens except under the tightest of conditions. For those who think I might be exaggerating (not mentioning any names Brazeau....) I offer you the following Harper-Conservative actions during their election campaign.

(1) Conservative red-necks only care about "very ethnic" people when it comes to election time and will do anything to get it:



(2) Harper and Conservatives control the media during election with 5 question limit:


(3) Harper's Conservatives try to silence students by trying to stop student voting and were over-ruled by Elections Canada:


(4) Conservative candidates are no-shows at election debates in First Nations:


(5) Conservative candidates are no-shows in non-Aboriginal election debate platforms as well:


(6) Even if you live in the quiet, unassuming local of Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, Harper and his conservatives still hide from Canadian citizens:


(7) And don't forget, in a Harper world, colonization of First Nations in Canada never really happened:


I guess that old saying is true - bullies really are cowards. Harper can bully citizens when in power, but when not in power, he hides from the people he found so easy to screw over before his government was booted from power. I wonder if that means that the rest of the saying is true - and that all we have to do is stand up to Harper and the bully will take his marbles and go home?

But all is not doom and gloom. There is a brighter side to all of this - this incredibly, unbelievable conservative anti-democratic non-sense is great fodder Rick Mercer. His rants are great:




It also makes it easier for people to create really entertaining websites like Shit Harper Did:


Then, there is my absolute favorite where a REAL journalist totally schooled Conservative MP John Baird and called him out on his party's anti-democratic tendencies:


Seriously, do NOT (compliments of Bev Oda) waste a vote on the Conservatives. We'll end up with a Borg invasion where democratic resistance will be futile...


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