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Assembly of First Nations Election 2012 - What Happens Next?

AFN ELECTION 2012 As I stated in my previous blog, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is having their annual general meeting this July 17-19 in Toronto. This year's assembly is particularly important because Shawn Atleo's term as National Chief is up for election. Usually by this time of year, people are talking about the candidates and whose platform may win the day. However, this year candidates appear to be few and far between. Perhaps it is a little too early to tell, since technically the electoral officer - Loretta Pete Lambert - was only just appointed and nominations only open May 23rd and they officially close June 12. Contrary to popular belief, one need not be a chief to run for the position of National Chief. The criteria for eligibility is found in the AFN Charter in "Appendix A": In order to be eligible to run for National Chief, the candidate must meet the followi