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Urgent Situation Report on Humanitarian Crisis in Canada

This blog post is not an official report, but is modeled off situation reports from international groups and organizations about specific crises in other countries. Canada portrays itself as a model nation but always hides the darker side of the historic genocide perpetrated on Indigenous peoples and the aggressive assimilatory actions it is taking currently -- which only serve to make poverty in First Nations much worse I. Highlights - Children in care crisis - 40% of children in care in Canada (30,000) are Indigenous children; - Over-incarceration crisis - 25-30% of prison populations are Indigenous and increasing; - Water crisis - 116+ First Nations do not have clean water, 75% of water systems med-high risk; - Housing crisis - 40% of First Nations home in need of major repair, 85,000 home backlog; - Indigenous women safety crisis - over 600 murdered and missing Indigenous women; - Health crisis - Life expectancy is 8-20 years less for Indigenous peoples due to extrem