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Oh Canada! Your Home's on Mi'kmaw Land

O Canada! Your homes on Mi’kmaw land True genocidal drive By all your Queen’s command With greedy hearts You watched us die Our strong Nation divided and poor All for money and power, O Canada We stand on guard against thee Our land is not your commodity for fee O Canada! We stand on guard against thee O Canada, our Nation is still here; O Canada! We stand on guard against thee O Canada! Our Mi’kmaw Nation sovereign and free.     1725-26 – Peace and friendship treaties signed with Mi’kmaw to stop hostilities on all sides and protect hunting, fishing, fowling; 1752 – Treaty with Mi’kmaw confirming hunting and fishing rights; 1756 – Proclamation offering bounty for Mi’kmaw scalps; 1760-61 – Treaty with Mi’kmaw protecting hunting, fishing and trading rights (no surrender of land or sovereignty); 1971 – Donald Marshall Jr (Mi’kmaw) wrongly convicted of murder, Halifax, NS; 1981 – Police assault and arrest Mi’kmaw for exercising