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Explosive Report Finds RCMP Toxic Culture of Racism, Misogyny & Homophobia

                          "This process has forever tarnished the image of the RCMP as a Canadian icon."  (The Honourable Michel Bastarache, Independent Assessor) RCMP'S TOXIC CULTURE Racism, misogyny and homophobia - these are the characteristics of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) toxic culture according to a new report released this week.  The report: Broken Dreams Broken Lives was written by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Bastarache, who had been engaged as an independent assessor to review the more than 3,000 claims of sexual harassment experienced by women who worked for the RCMP. He found that the experiences of these women in the RCMP were nothing short of devastating. In addition to those women who suffered from violent sexual assaults by their male RCMP colleagues, many women have been left with deep psychological injuries which range from major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder to substance dependence and even suicide.