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In Plain Sight: Widespread Racism in BC Healthcare

  RACISM IN BC HEALTHCARE I magine living in a country, where hospitals refused to treat you for a stroke, because the doctors and nurses assumed you were drunk? Imagine further, that the emergency room doctor refused to treat your young child for epilepsy, because they assumed she was on drugs? Well folks, that country is Canada. It doesn’t sound like the Canada you know. It doesn’t seem to reflect Canada’s world-renowned medical experts and hospitals. Nor does it seem to jive with Canada’s impressive array of human rights protections. Yet, if you are Indigenous in Canada, you can expect this kind of treatment and worse - even in Canada’s best hospitals in British Columbia (BC). Just before the holidays, a report was released which confirmed what most Indigenous peoples already knew – that racism against Indigenous peoples, especially First Nations peoples - is widespread in BC’s healthcare system. IN PLAIN SIGHT The report entitled -   In Plain Sight: Addressing Indigenous-spe