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Canada Fails (Again) to Ensure Clean Water in First Nations: Auditor General

AUDITOR GENERAL REPORT ON CLEAN WATER IN FIRST NATIONS PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU had no problem finding $7 billion dollars to buy Trans Mountain pipeline - so where’s the money for water pipelines to First Nations? This week, the Auditor General for Canada (AG) released her report on whether Canada is providing enough support to ensure that First Nations have access to clean drinking water. The answer was a clear no. This is despite the Liberal government’s promise back in 2015 to eliminate all long-term drinking water advisories in First Nations by March 2021. The report entitled "Access to Safe Drinking Water in First Nations Communities" found that federal policies and funding amounts did not align with its promise to end all long-term drinking water advisories (DWA) on reserve. But the story doesn't begin or end with DWAs.      FIRST NATIONS LANDS & WATERS First of all, we woul